Our innovative ML DUO Oven allows you to produce handmade finish corn and flour wheat tortilla. It uses a 3 step griddle system, guaranteeing a perfect cooking for your tortillas.

You can get tortilla heads for corn and for flour wheat separately, depending on your needs.

  • Produces around 600 corn tortillas p/hour or 10 tortillas p/minute or around 900 flour wheat tortillas p/hour or 15 tortillas p/minute
  • Produces corn tortillas from 10cm to 20cm diameter, and flour wheat tortillas from 10cm to 28cm diameter
  • Produces tortillas from 1mm to 3mm width
  • Saves space and machinery
  • High quality handmade finish
  • Excellent cooking
  • No dough waste
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Low gas and energy consumption
  • Two or Three Phase Motor
 ML DUO head
Corn Tortilla Head for ML DUO Oven
Prensa ML DUO
Wheat Flour Press for ML DUO Oven