Chip Fryer

Our Chip Fryer is ideal for the industrial production of any kind of chips (totopos, nachos, strips, banana, mango, yuca, etc).

It is compatible with our Single Roller Tortilla Machines : (MLR-60 and MLR-90).

It has a stainless steel mesh and independent heaters. It has a production capacity of around 60 kg per hour.

  • Produces chips from corn and other different ingredients.
  • 60 L capacity
  • Produces around 40-60 kg per hour
  • Compatible with our Roller Tortilla Machines
  • Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Saves Labour
Chip Fryer

Depending the kind of chip you want, you can use our Chip Fryer with other equipments of our fryer line:


You can put your tortilla through our Dehydrator before frying.

Oil Drainer

You can add our Oil Drainer after frying.


Add our Centrifuge after frying or after the Oil Drainer if you used it on your production line.