MLDP Round Oven

Our innovative MLDP Round Oven allows you to produce handmade finish corn and flour wheat tortilla, since it now integrates the Roller Head Unit and the Countertop Press. It uses a 3 step griddle system, guaranteeing a perfect cooking for your tortillas.

  • Produces around 600 corn tortillas p/hour or 10 tortillas p/minute or around 900 flour wheat tortillas p/hour or 15 tortillas p/minute
  • Produces corn tortillas from 10cm to 20cm diameter, and flour wheat tortillas from 10cm to 25cm diameter
  • Produces tortillas from 1mm to 3mm width
  • Saves space and machinery
  • High quality handmade finish
  • Excellent cooking
  • No dough waste
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Low gas and energy consumption
MLDP Round Oven