It produces tostadas and chips by a dehydratation process, which can be fried afterwards in our: Chip Fryer or ML 4000 Fryer.

It has a series of inferior burners that produce the ideal temperature for the dehydratation of your product, which travels trough a multi level mesh.

This equipment is available in 5 or 7 level versions, depending on how dehydratated you want your product. You can lso choose between 10”, 18” or 23” meshes. It is compatible with our: Roller Tortilla Machines (MLR-60, MLR-90, MLR-180) and with our Hopper Tortilla Machines if you want to produce tostadas (ML-60, ML-90, ML-180).

  • It produces chips and tostadas from corn and different ingredients.
  • It is compatible with our Roller Tortilla Machines and with our Hopper Tortilla Machines
  • Speed control included
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Low gas consumption burners
  • Galvanized Mesh
  • Saves labour

Depending of the kind of chip or tostada you want, you can combine our Dehydrator with the following equipments:

Chip Fryer

You can use our Chip Fryer to fry afterwards your product.

ML 4000 Fryer

You can use our ML 4000 Fryer to fry afterwards your product.

Oil Drainer

You can add our Oil Drainer after frying.


Add our Centrifuge after frying or after the Oil Drainer if you used it on your production line.