Duplex Chips Cutter and Fryer

Our Duplex Chips Cutter and Fryer is ideal for a manual chips and fryed strips production. It has four individual baskets and three cutters that cut around 2 kilos of tortilla at a time. It includes 3 molds for each cutter:6 chips, 8 chips and strips. There are more molds available upon request.

It has fiberglass interiors, stainless steel deposit and basket.

  • It has 4 baskets for a bigger production
  • It has 3 individual cutters
  • Cuts tortillas of up to 16 cm
  • It can cut around 2 kg of tortilla at a time
  • Produces 1 kg of tortilla chips per basket
  • Low production cost
  • Uses tortilla waste from your corn tortilla production
  • Includes 3 cutter molds (6 chips, 8 chips, and strips)
  • Made in stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves labour
duplex chips fryer