We have improved our MLR Series has the most practical and efficient tortilla machines in the industry. Through a certification process, this series meets all the essential requirements for electrical safety of the European Directives.
It has a control panel with CE Certified components, as well as a semi-automatic electronic ignition. In addition, it includes a gas detector that stops and prevents the operation of the equipment if a leak is detected.
Thanks to its roller technology, its cleaning is extremely easy and fast, as well as its maintenance. You can change the rollers and get a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Plus, with our MLR series, there’s almost no waste!

  • Produces around 2500 tortillas p/hour or 42 tortillas p/minute
  • Produces tortillas from 10cm to 20cm diameter (depending on the chosen cutter)
  • Produces tortillas from 1mm to 3mm width
  • Gas detector that stops operation in case of a leak.
  • Saves space
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • No waste
  • Excellent cooking
  • Low gas and energy consumption
  • Electronic ignition
  • Electro security valve
tortilla machine MLR-60CE