Manual MLR

Our MLR Restaurant Machines combine the technology of our distinctive MLR Machines.

This compact and practical equipment can produce tortillas, enchiladas, totopos; thanks to the versatility of its cutters. It has a simple round cutter system, which allows you to produce different size and shape tortillas.

  • Produces around 1200 tortillas p/hour or 15 to 20 tortillas p/minute
  • Produces tortillas from 10cm to 20cm diameter (depending on the chosen cutter)
  • Produces tortillas from 1mm to 3mm width
  • No need for electrical supply to work
  • Saves space
  • Low operation cost
  • Easy to clean
  • Food grade cutters
  • No dough waste
manual mlr head

*Our Manual MLR Head comes with its own bench, but we also have a table version.