Our MLR Series Tortilla Machines are one of the most practical and efficient machines in the industry. Thanks to their roller technology, their cleaning process is extremely fast and easy. They are very low maintenance. You can easily change their cutters and get a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect for producing tortillas for tostadas and chips. On top of all that, our MLR machines have almost 0 waste!

  • Produces around 4300 tortillas p/hour
  • Produces tortillas with the following diameters:
    16 cm (double production)
    20 cm (interspersed production)
    33 cm (single production)
  • Produces tortillas from 1mm to 3mm width
  • Saves space
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • No waste
  • Excellent cooking
  • Low gas and energy consumption
  • Available in Two Phase Motor
  • Model between MLR-90 and MLR-180
  • This model has the same length as our MLR-60 model
  • Produces tortillas up to 34 cm when removing the intermediate strap
  • Produces tortillas for taco, huarache and flauta
  • Electronic ignition (optional)
  • Electro security valve (optional)
tortilla machine MLR-180